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Supervisors support new Public/Private offer

(Public/Private proposal moving forward)….The County Board of Supervisors back the latest offer.

The Proposal is for private funding be used to construct a new Port of Entry in Downtown Calexico. Under the proposal, the federal General Services Administration would over see the construction, according to their plans. They would then pay back the private funding in the form of a lease/purchase type agreement. Jeff Kinsell and Victor Carrillo, both working on the Public/Private plan, told the Board of Supervisors that the plan was moving along. Positive signs are that the GSA is listening to them, with interest. Also, a positive sign is the GSA’s recent announcement that they could accept gifts. Kinsell says they are now offering a gift. He told the Board they were offering to enhance the pedestrian lanes at the downtown port by sic lanes, at a cost of $2.5 to $3 million at no charge to the Government. He said they are also offering to enhance the East Port of Entry with $50 million in expansion, as part of the $350 million construct of the new Port. He said they could do it at a lower rate and in less time than is proposed by GSA. After hearing a lengthy presentation, the Supervisors approved a letter of support for the plan.