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Future Heber Community Center

Heber, California - (Heber will get a new Community Center)…. Eventually . Chairman Of the Board of Supervisors Ray Castillo says it will not be as soon as everyone would like, but it will not be as far off as many think.

This week the Board of Supervisors approved the idea to use Community Development Grant Funds, a $100,000, for the site of the Community Center. Those funds will be used to demolish the current site, and old church being used as a community center. County Community and Economic Development will pursue, possibly CDBG funds, to construct the new Center. One hang up is property. The County is in negotiations with the property owners adjacent to the site. Castillo said if that property could be obtained, the County could build a good-sized Community Center, with public parking. Unfortunately, the property owners so far are not willing to sell to the County.