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Caskets and bones found at Calexico site

Calexico, California (Construction workers uncover a mystery)….They had thought they had just uncovered some bones. They called the County Coroners office Wednesday afternoon because the workers thought the bones were human.

Deputy Coroner Stephen Green says his office responded to the construction site at West 2nd Street and Highway 111 in Calexico. The workers were digging out the parking lot area when they found the bones. Green said further investigation revealed they had found what appears to be a cemetery, possibly as old as the City of Calexico. The Deputy Coroner says Historical documents do not indicate a cemetery had ever been permitted for that area. Green said old caskets with old bronze handles were discovered all lined neatly, facing the same direction. Green said it has been confirmed that the site is not a Native American burial ground. The Deputy Coroner said the property owner would be held responsible for the excavation and reburial of the remains found at the site.