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Food fight....

(Summer food fight challenge)….No, they will not be throwing food at each other.

The Team Green Machine representing the El Centro Border Patrol will square off against Team Global Force for Good of the Naval Air Facility, El Centro. It is a competition of compassion, as both groups will see who can raise the most food for the Imperial Valley Food Bank. The contest began Monday and will continue through August 30. It is part of the annual Feds Feed Families Food Drive, led by the US Department of Agriculture and with the support of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council and other agency partners. Last year NAF donated 22,500 pounds of food to the local Food Bank. The El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents donated 28,000 pounds. The NAF says the competition is a friendly rivalry for bragging rights, while benefiting those in need. They feel the competition will bring in more donations, and they say they welcome any other agency that wants to join in the competition.