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Board meets Ginger, and the kids who name her

(Winners introduced to the County Board of Supervisors.)…The District Attorney’s Office held the contest at this year’s Fair.

The contest was to name a comfort dog that would soon be joining the office. The name chosen was Ginger, and Ginger has joined the Victim/Witness Program, now part of the D.A.’s office. Three children submitted the name during the contest at the 2013 California Mid Winter Fair and Fiesta. The children, Riana and Joseph Gitz and Megan Brinkman, along with Ginger, were all introduced to the Board Tuesday. Ginger will provide comfort to participants of the Victim/Witness program. Ginger is a three-month-old Golden Doodle puppy. She is currently in training to become the first ever Crime Victim Assistance Dog in Imperial County.