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WDB election contrversial

(Workforce Development Board elects a chairman)…And, loses two members in the process

. El Centro City Councilman Jason Jackson was the past Chairman of the local WDB. In fact, he has been chairman four times in the past few years. During the Wednesday meeting, he was elected to a 5th term. Jackson’s name was placed in nomination at the last minute. When the ballots were counted, Jackson was chosen to his 5th term as Chairman. The former Vice-Chair, Cheryl Viegas Walker and former Secretary to the Board Orlando Foote cried foul, and both resigned from local WDB. Viegas Walker said she had real philosophical differences with how the election was conducted, saying she felt it was manipulated. Foote said he felt the outcome was predetermined. Jackson says he sees the action taken by Viegas Walker and Foote as Sour Grapes.