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Do good, get a slurpee

(A kid does something good, he or she could get a slurpee)…It is part of 7/11’s Operation Chill program.

The El Centro Police Department is participating. When officers witness a kid in the act of doing good, the youngster will receive a ticket. The ticket will be a coupon that can be redeemed at a participating 7/11 store for a slurpee. An act of doing something good could be helping someone, deterring crime or any other positive activity. Since 7/11 began the program in 1995 more than 12 million coupons have been issued nationwide. El Centro P.D. expects to distribute 450 during the summer and during the back to school season. El Centro Executive Police Commander Eddie Madueno says the coupons are a great way for officers on patrol to introduce themselves to the community in a non-threatening, non-law enforcement situation.