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Texas family files lawsuit

(Family wants answers)…The investigation into the death of 25-year-old Alex Martin continues.

It has been a year since the Texas man died in a vehicle fire on Old Highway 80, near Pine Valley. The parents of the man have filed a Wrongful Death lawsuit against the Federal Government. Information released by the US Border Patrol indicates Martin had been driving in the wrong direction on Interstate 8. Various Border Patrol agents attempted to get his attention and turn his vehicle around. When Martin drove his rented vehicle off the Interstate and on to Old Highway 80, agents deployed a tire deflation device. The vehicle came to rest, and agents say Martin refused orders to exit the vehicle. One agent fired a taser into the vehicle. There was an explosion and fire. Martin suffered fatal injuries and a Border Patrol agent was also injured. The lawsuit claims the Border Patrol was negligent. The San Diego Medical Examiners report on the death has been sealed, and no other information has been released. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department says the investigation is continuing,