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Locals not happy with trial court funding

(Trial Court funding not what was expected)….Locally, that is not good news for some.

They are those who wanted to convince the Superior Court officials not to close the Court in Calexico. The local court officials said economics forced them to close the Court in Calexico, as well as the jail court and the juvenile court, moving them to El Centro and Brawley. The City of Calexico and the County were not happy with the court decision and said they would seek a way to keep the courts open. The state budget was adopted last weekend and it may have deflated those efforts. It was said the state would include $100 million of Trial Court Funding in the state budget. Many were pushing and hopefully the number would increase to $148 million. County Intergovernmental Affairs officer Gary Wyatt told the Supervisors Tuesday trial court funding in the new budget was approved at $60 million. District one Supervisor John Renison, one of the major opponents to the court cutbacks, said he was not sure what that would mean to efforts to convince the Superior Court to change its mind. He admitted it was definitely not good news.