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Strong winds cause lasting problems

(Wind limits visibility)….It may have also created a health hazard.

Strong winds topped 38 miles per hour Wednesday. Blowing dust and sand created visibility problems in areas of Interstate 8. The dust became a real problem on Highway 86, at the Imperial County line. A minor traffic collision was reported on the Highway as it entered Imperial County from Riverside County. As the California Highway Patrol investigated the collision, the blowing dust and sand became so bad they were forced to close Highway 86 at the County line. The CHP escorted traffic into and out of Imperial County for a time until the winds calmed, somewhat. The Air Pollution Control District says high levels of PM 10 were reported in the North end Wednesday, and have gotten worse. Air Quality in Brawley was reported at a Hazardous condition Thursday. Air Quality was Unhealthy in the Niland area. When air quality reaches a Hazardous Condition, it is recommended people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children remain indoors and keep activity levels low. Everyone else should avoid physical activity outdoors.