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Scam warning

(A new Scam being reported)….This warning comes from the Sheriff’s Office.

Somebody is calling residents and claiming to be from the Imperial County Superior Court or the Sheriff’s Office. The caller claims a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the resident. The scammers claim the resident did not show up for jury duty and they have to pay a fine to clear up the warrant that has been issued. They then ask for personal information such as date of birth or Social Security Number. Some have asked for Credit Card numbers or Paypal transactions to clear the warrant. The Sheriff’s Office says these callers are fraudulent and have no connection to the Sheriff’s Office or the courts. Anyone who receives such a call should report the situation immediately as a crime. The say the Sheriff’s office and the Superior Court will never call a resident and ask for personal information. They suggest residents never give personal information to a caller. For more identity theft information contact the Identity Theft Resource Center at