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New survey on how tobacco products are displayed

(A survey may change how tobacco products are displayed in stores.)…The Survey was conducted by the Healthy Store for a Healthy Community Campaign.

It was the largest survey of its kind. Stores from around the state were surveyed, including 115 in Imperial County. The survey was funded by Proposition 99, Tobacco Tax Initiative. Organizers say the survey shows that tobacco products are often sold next to candies at check-out counters, in stores located within 1,000 feet of schools and routinely marketed in colorful packaging and flavors, like bubble gum and grape, that appeal to youth. Imperial County Public Health Officer Doctor Stephen Munday says they have made a lot of strides in recent years, but, he says, as the survey indicates, tobacco products are continuing to be advertised to attract the youth. Munday says the Health Department is committed to working with stores, families and partners throughout the county to make the community healthier.