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New contract for IID In-House General Counsel

(IID interim General Counsel could be getting an extension)….The position was discussed in closed session at Tuesday’s Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors meeting.

Reporting on action taken in closed session, IID General Manager Kevin Kelley said the board had directed him to prepare a two-year contract for General Counsel services as an independent contractor. He said the document would be ready for the Board’s consideration at their March 18th meeting. Kelley said some policy changes will also be needed and he will bring them to the Board at the next meeting, as well. Ross Simmons was appointed Interim General Counsel in March 2013. At that time the agreement was for six months. When that was over, the contract was renewed for another six months. It is not known if Simmons plans to accept the new two-year contract. The contract and other details will be made public after the Board takes action in closed session.