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Border Patrol detail ambush incidents

(Details released on Ambush)…It turns out there were two ambushes.

Last week it was report an illegal immigrant was shot in the face by Mexican bandits after the group he was in was ambushed South of Ocotillo, in Mexico. The Border Patrol now says there were two such incidents. On the 16th a group intent on crossing into the US illegally was ambushed by armed bandits. Two masked and armed bandits robbed and assaulted the group. A gunfight erupted, and one of the bandits was reportedly killed. The group fled north and was arrested by Border Patrol agents. Mexican authorities were notified. They investigated and found a weapon, spent shells, but no bodies. The next day a group of 8 was being escorted across the border in the same basic area. That group was assaulted and held hostage at gunpoint for several hours. They finally were able to overpower the gunmen. One of the illegal immigrants was shot in the face and two of the gunmen were shot dead. The group crossed into the US and called 911. The wounded man was flown to a hospital in Palm Springs. A binational operation resulted in the discovery of a ski mask, two weapons, ammunition and two dead Mexican Nationals.