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Representatives send letters to the President

(A push for federal funding)…The funding would begin the Calexico West Port of Entry.

Tuesday the County Board of Supervisors said now was the best time to pursue federal funds. The revealed five Congressional representatives backing the push. The five have sent letters to President Barack Obama asking that he include the funding in his 2015 Budget. The Representatives include Juan Vargas, Susan Davis, Scott Peters, Raul Ruiz and Raul Grijalva from Arizona. The letters indicate the current Downtown Port has become antiquated, creating long lines that are not only health hazards, but affecting the state economically. Studies indicate the state is losing hundreds of millions of dollars in lost business, and thousands of jobs, as well. They are asking for about $100 million for the phase 1 expansion of the West Port. That would include 10 northbound vehicle lanes and more, including the sitework needed to accommodate the new facilities. With he construction of the expansion, the current downtown port would expand pedestrian lanes to make it quicker to walk across the border. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors John Renison said the congressional backing is a positive move, but other sources of funding are still being explored, as well.