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List ready for National Beef

(Ad-Hoc committee is presenting their list)….District 4 County Supervisor Ryan Kelley announced the list of incentives was finished.

The committee was organized after National Beef announced they would be closing their Brawley facility on April 4th, laying off 1,300 employees directly, and indirectly affecting businesses and employees throughout the County. The Ad-Hoc committee was tasked with coming up with a list of incentives to present to National Beef to try and convince them not to close the facility. They were encouraged by officials from National Beef admitting there were ways to keep the facility open. The committee was given 21 days to come up with a list of incentives to offer the Kansas City Based Company. Over the weekend Kelley announced the list was ready and it would be submitted to Brawley Beef on Monday. It is not known how long it will take National Beef to respond. The Ad-Hoc committee consists of Kelley and Supervisor Ray Castillo with the County. Imperial Irrigation District Directors Steven Benson and Matt Desert. Brawley City Council members George Nava and Donald Wharton and members of the Cattle Industry.