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Brawley City Council discusses National Beef

(Ad-Hoc Committee coming together)…The committee will address the National Beef issue.

Tuesday the County Board of Supervisors appointed District 4 Supervisor Ryan Kelley to the Committee. At their afternoon meeting, the Imperial Irrigation District Board President Director James Hanks appointed Directors Steve Benson and Matt Desert as the IID representatives on the Committee. Tuesday evening the Brawley City Council discussed National Beef at their meeting. Brawley Mayor Don Campbell named Mayor Pro-Tem George Nava and Councilman Don Wharton to the Ad-Hoc Committee. The Cattle Industry is also expected to name representatives to the committee. The committee will be meeting with National Beef officials to determine what they would need to change their minds about closing the Brawley Beef Packing Facility. The positive news out of the Brawley Council meeting was Nava’s comment that the General Manager of National Beef had said there was a possibility the decision to close the Brawley facility could be reconsidered. A list of incentives to keep the facility open will be presented to National Beef within 21 days.