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Pleas entered in Human Smuggling arrests

(Locals enter guilty pleas in federal court)…The three were charged with smuggling illegal immigrants into the United States.

The suspects, Phillip and Roselia Kubeck of Calexico and Earl Allen of Woodland, entered the pleas Friday in San Diego. Roselia, an employee at a Heber Harvesting and packing business, was facing 8 counts. Federal officials say she organized the housing and transportation of the illegal immigrants after they snuck across the border through a hole in the border fence. Allen was said to run the drop house in El Centro and transport the illegal people to the airport, where Phillip Kubeck flew the smuggled people to the Los Angeles area in a private airplane. The plan was to avoid Border Patrol checkpoints on the ground. The 3 had been arrested in December, though Phillip Kubeck was originally arrested in March 2012, but those charges were dropped.