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APCD priorities for 2014

(APCD plans for 2014)….Air Pollution Control Officer Brad Poiriez gave the Board of Supervisors a brief over-view Tuesday.

He said a lot of effort would be spent on the State Implementation Plan. The SIP was developed a while back. They are required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Poiriez said Imperial County has to concentrate on PM 2.5. He said the EPA has listed the County as in non-attainment for PM 2.5. The status is currently marginal non-attainment. He said the Calexico monitoring station is the only one in the County with high PM 2.5 numbers. That is because PM 2.5 is a finite particulate matter created mostly from vehicle emissions. The proximity to Mexicali registers high levels of PM 2.5 during high traffic periods south of the border. This makes attainment very difficult. Poiriez said there are plans in the works to demonstrate the problem to the EPA. He said the APCD also plans to update monitoring stations around the county, continue with incentive programs and increase Air Quality education.