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23rd Annual Rib Cook-off results

(The Best Ribs in the Valley were chosen Saturday)….It turns out the Best Ribs in the Valley were not from Imperial Valley.

The team of Judges at the 23rd Annual Holtville Athletic Club’s Rib Cook-off chose the ribs cooked up by Big Al’s Paradise Café. Big Al’s is from Mission Beach. 2nd place was awarded to Just Wanna BBQ. Pork by Protest picked up the 3rd place award. 4th place went to La Cabelas. The Best Booth award went to Imperial County Planning. 2nd place went to the City of Holtville. Rabobank took 3rd place. Imperial County Sheriff’s took 4th place. The Best Side dish was Bacon wrapped shrimp prepared by the City of Holtville. County Planning took 2nd place with their Apple Rum Cake. Big Al’s took 3rd place with Pasta Tatar Tots. Los Compadres took 4th place with Fried Asparagus. The Best Performance serving people went to the City of Holtville. Best Hospitality award went to Caddy’s Barbara Worth Country Club. 2nd place went to Castillo Construction. Big Al’s took the 3rd place award. Best Outhouse behind the team booth went to Redneck Ribs. All judging was done by members of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team. The Holtville Athletic Club Hall of Flame special award and thanks went to Alex Maderega. The Pinnacle award went to Redneck Ribs. Organizers say most of the money won was returned to the Holtville Athletic Club. Organizers estimate about 15,000 people attended the Rib Cook-off Saturday at Samaha Park in Holtville.