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Study presented at IID meeting

(IID gets a look at Salton Sea study)…It is the Salton Sea Revenue Potential Study.

It was put together by EES Consulting, Incorporated. The purpose is to substantiate the Imperial Irrigation District’s Restoration and Renewables Initiative. The basic idea of the initiative is to restore the Salton Sea, using revenues from Renewable Development at the south-end of the Sea. The good news from the study is that renewable development could generate up to $4 billion. $2 billion of that would go towards restoration projects. The down side is that the revenues would come over a 30-year period. The study says it would take up to 8 years before the first new geothermal plant is built. The study’s estimated revenue potential through 2045 indicates $150 million from Solar Development, just over $2 billion from Geothermal Development, $1.5 billion from mineral recovery, $260 million from Algae Products, $42 million from Transmission royalties, and a Falling Water Charge Revenues at $189 million. The constraints indicate the need for a new transmission, barriers to geothermal project development, and solar developers have said the Salton Sea shore is not the ideal place for solar farms. The report recommends a number of ways to over-come the constraints.