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Women try to pass drugs to inmates

(Two caught trying to smuggler drugs into prison)….The women were visiting inmates at Calipatria state Prison.

Both women are from Pacoima, California. Prison officials say the two couples appeared nervous in the visiting area. This, they say, drew attention. Veronica De La Cruz was visiting convicted attempted murder Graig Hudak. Liseth Osuna was at the prison to visit convicted murderer Christian Adame. Staff observed De La Cruz remove a bindle from her blouse and place in a handkerchief placed on the table by Hudak. Staff approached and separated the couples. They examined the bindle and found it contained two bags. One with 4 grams of methamphetamine. The other bag contained 58 grams of heroin. The meth was valued at $6,000. The heroin had a prison value of $29,000. De La Cruz later admitted she had traveled to the prison with Osuna. Officials say the narcotics were linked to both inmates and they were placed in the Administrative Segregation Unit. The women were booked into Imperial County Jail.