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It could be awhile before cause of death is determined

(Autopsy inconclusive)…It was performed on Charles Sampson Thursday.

At the end of the procedure the cause of death was listed as pending. Deputy Coroner Deputy Steve Green said toxicological tests were sent off to a forensic lab to see if drugs were involved with the death. Green said it could be six to eight weeks before the results are returned. The 58 year old became ill Tuesday evening after his arrest for position of a concealed firearm and drug paraphernalia. The items were found in a vehicle Sampson was driving at the time of a traffic stop at 2nd Street and Orange Avenue in El Centro. Police took the man to El Centro Regional Medical Center, but he was unresponsive when he arrived. Hospital staff performed emergency CPR, but it did not revive the man. He was pronounced dead at the Hospital. El Centro Police are investigating the death, along with the County Coroner’s Office.