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Agencies work well together

(3 year Operation puts a serious dent in the Sinaloan Cartel)….It is the Major drug Cartel in Northern Mexico.

Operation Cerberus began 3 years ago, focusing on the Drug Trafficking operation out of Mexicali, two highly ranked Lieutenants in the Sinalaon Drug Cartel, the cocaine corridor through Imperial County, and the drop houses in Imperial County. Officials say the narcotics were crossed into the United States from San Luis, Arizona, to Imperial County, and left at drop houses in Imperial County. The drugs were transported to Los Angeles, and distributed nationwide. The Operation included multi-agency cooperation in the US. They say around 224 phones were intercepted, and 17 search warrants executed, ten of which were in the Imperial County. When it was over, over 3,000 pounds of cocaine, valued $96 million, had been seized. Agents were also able to confiscate 100 pounds of methamphetamine, 820 pounds of marijuana and over $4.1 million in US currency. El Centro Border Patrol, a part of the Operation, said this Operation is a great example of the collaborative effort of Imperial Valley’s law enforcement community.