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IID Board approves agreement with MWD

(Imperial Irrigation District approves an agreement with the MWD)…..The vote, however, was not unanimous.

The agreement with the Metropolitan Water District allows the IID to participate in Minute 319, with a benefit to the Imperial Irrigation District. Minute 319 is a binational project, an amendment to 1944 treaty with Mexico. The United States and Mexico signed the Minute 319 in 2012. The project allows Mexico to store their Colorado River water allotment at Lake Mead until repairs can be made to their water delivery system that was damaged in the 2010 earthquake. It is a 5-year agreement. Participating agencies contribute funds for the reparations, in exchange for some of the stored water. Under the agreement between the IID and MWD, the District approved $2.5 million for participation in Minute 319 and the IID obtains 23,750 Acre feet of ICS credits. The IID says those credits will be used to pay back past overruns, when the IID used more than its allotted amount of Colorado River water. The District wants to use the credits in 2014. They say that will result in a cost savings of about $450,000 from current IID fallowing programs and it will reduce fallowing acreage by about 4,500 acres.