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Homeless family assistance

(Imperial County making changes to assist the homeless)….At last count, there were 239 homeless people in the Imperial County.

120 were women and children. Many of them will be out in the cold if changes are not made. County intergovernmental affairs officer Gary Wyatt told the County Board of Supervisors Tuesday that the changes were created by the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Transportation Act. That act amended the existing McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. It consolidated 3 programs into a single grant program known as the Continuum of Care program. Before HEARTH, members of the local Homeless Task Force were able to apply to HUD for funding for programs to assist the Homeless. Earlier this year two local programs, Catholic Charities and the Neighborhood House, were denied funding because the local Task Force did not have an HMIS software solution in place. All future funding will depend on having a Homeless Management Information System in place or in the process of becoming functional. The Board of Supervisors took the matter as an emergency and agreed to fund 50% of the first year’s cost or the Server-point HMIS. The amount is $8,862. Wyatt says San Diego has agreed to work with Imperial County to install the software. The remainder of the cost will be picked up by a private sector donor, or it could be reimbursed thru future funding, under administrative costs.