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Calexico resident arrested

(Calexico residents arrested in Arizona)…The 3 apparently had a scheme to rob a coin store.

Police say the 3 called in bomb threats to the Scottsdale, Arizona Police. Investigators say the plan was to create a diversion, allowing the 3 to rob the rare coin store. Police traced the 911 calls to the Coin Store, where they found the 3 Calexico residents inside. A search of their vehicle resulted in the discovery of a pre-paid phone used to make the bomb threats, and a handgun. Arrested were 25-year-old Daniel Alberto Verdin, 25-year-old Sanches Moises Ortiz and 42-year-old David Jimenez. All three are from Calexico. They were arrested and charged with disruption of a school, conspiracy and false reporting.