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Supervisors finally give District residents something to vote on

(Country Club Sewer Maintenance District now has something to vote on)….It only took 3 separate meetings and hours of discussion.

The sewer system in the District is inadequate, everybody agrees with that. The question was, how much should be paid to repair it. The County oversees the District. The Board of Supervisors were presented several options by the Public Works Department, some of which would go towards repairs, a payback plan on the over $400,000 debt incurred by the County for passed repairs, and create a reserve to cover future repairs. District residents did not want to accept any of the options that they would be offered. Tuesday, the Board and District residents spent two hours discussing the issue. The Supervisors needed to choose an option. That option would be offered as a sewer rate increase. The District residents would vote on the option during a Proposition 218 Protest Hearing election. The Supervisors finally came up with a plan that would increase sewer bills by $43. It would also pay for some repairs, begin to pay down on the debt, and even set some money aside for a reserve. The vote will be set within 45 days of Board approval.