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Directors moved by preentation

(Imperial Irrigation District will donate to Scout project)…..They did not say, however, how much.

Tuesday Joaquin Antonio Villegas made his presentation to the IID Directors. Villegas has chosen an Imperial County Veteran’s Memorial Monument as his Eagle Scout Leadership Project. He said he had raised around $55,000 of the $80,000 to $100,000 he thought would be needed to construct the Monument at the entrance to the County Airport. Villegas said construction would not begin on the project until all funds were in place. Director Bruce Kuhn said he and his wife Chandra would donate $1,000 of there personal money to the project. Director James Hanks said the project was much more ambitious than most seeking donations from the District. He and the rest of the Board asked that a donation be included in the IID’s 2014 budget. No amount was given. It was suggested that the District challenge the Board of Supervisors to increase the $5,000 they recently approved. The City of Imperial said they were challenging the Cities around the County to meet the $10,000 they had approved for the project.