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USBR Regional Director at IID meeting

(Terry Fulp attends IID Board meeting)…Fulp is the US Bureau of Reclamation Regional Director.

He made a presentation on the Colorado River, the drought affecting the River, water shortage criteria, and future predictions on water levels of Lake Mead and Lake Powell, which he said were not as dire as first thought. Fulp then received an earful.  Imperial Irrigation District Board President Matt Desert and Director James Hanks told the Regional Director the IID was concerned about water storage, the salinity of Colorado River Water, and the Bureau’s help and understanding on efforts to restore the Salton Sea. Fulp told the Board all issues could be discussed. He said there was a good working relationship between his office and IID General Manager Kevin Kelley and his staff. He commended the District on the QSA and the recent apportionment plan approved by the Board.