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Two arrested by Border Patrol

(Agents find a downed ultra light)…and it was loaded with marijuana.

Border Patrol agents from the Highway 86 Checkpoint were responding to a suspicious vehicle call. The call came in at 11:35 that night. Agents investigated and found an abandoned pick-up near Fonts Point on State Route 22. They found footprints around the vehicle. A short time later the agents discovered a crashed ultra light, carrying nine bundles of marijuana. Eight more bundles were found nearby.  Later in the morning the agents found 44 year old Humberto Lara Valverde hiding in a bush. 44-year-old Oscar Humberto Beltran Amezquita was near a ridgeline. Both men were from Mexico and their shoes matched the footprints followed. They were both arrested and booked into Imperial County Jail and were charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.