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New spectator rules for Cattle Call Parade

(Brawley City Council adopts new rules for Parade spectators)…The rules are for those who want to get a prime spot for the Parade.

This year’s Cattle Call Parade will be held Saturday morning, November 9th. The new rules are designed to not disrupt pedestrians or traffic. Those placing chairs along the parade route for prime viewing must set them up after 12:00 noon November 8th. In areas with wide sidewalks, the chairs must be set up adjacent to the street, allowing a five-foot clearance for pedestrians. For sidewalks that are not wide, chairs must be placed behind the sidewalk. Anybody placing a chair before 12:00 non November 8th will have the chair confiscated. They will be stored at 180 Western Avenue. Owners will have until 5:00 pm November 8th to pick them up.