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“Road Warriors’” Top Travel Preferences

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of National Car Rental revealed some fascinating facts about business travelers and what they want to make their trips more successful and comfortable.

• Where Am I?  Businesspeople on the road have no time to waste searching for directions, so  fingertip access to maps is a top priority for them. In fact, 43 percent of  business travelers indicate that a map app (such as Google Maps) is their  favorite type of mobile app while on the road.

• Fun and Friends. The  study also found that, in general, the majority of business travelers can’t  imagine leaving home without their mobile apps, with 28 percent favoring  social media apps and 21 percent preferring gaming apps.

• Driven to Win. The  research into the habits and preferences of business travelers also shows the  strength of their commitment to get the job done—whatever it takes.  According to the survey, if their commercial air travel plans fell through,  91 percent of travelers would go to extraordinary lengths to attend an  important meeting, with 54 percent either renting a car or driving their  personal vehicle.

• Tasty Rewards. For  nearly half of business travelers, there’s no better way to celebrate a  successful meeting than by savoring the local cuisine. Forty-four percent  indicate they reward themselves with a visit to a restaurant, compared with  less than one-third who say they reward themselves  with a workout at the hotel gym. Other on-the-road rewards include shopping  (30 percent), catching up on reading (30 percent) and sleeping in (27  percent).

• Popular Perks. Favorite  travel perks include covered expenses for their spouse or significant other  to accompany them on their trip (37 percent), first-class air travel (32  percent) and a car rental upgrade (9 percent).

• Loyalty Programs. These  can also help business travelers earn travel perks. For example, National Car  Rental’s Emerald Club expedites the rental process for members by  offering counter bypass as well as access to the “Emerald Aisle,”   an exclusive section of the lot where members can select any vehicle as long  as they reserve a midsize car. In addition, club members can get EmeraldAlertsSM—e-mailed communications  that include Arrival and Return Alerts, and Drop & Go service with convenient   eReceipts.

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