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Sound Advice For Disaster Preparation

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - If you’ve ever thought about taking steps to prepare  for a possible disaster, you’re not alone. Nationally, some 8 million  Americans are doing some “prepping” to protect their families in  case something bad comes their way.

Whether motivated by recent natural disasters, popular reality shows or  recommendations from FEMA and the Red Cross, people are looking for answers  and information as they plan for their safety.

Food For “Preppers”

Water, energy and food are key preparation considerations, with food  perhaps requiring the most thought. “Preppers” agree that  variety, quality and shelf life are important factors in selecting what foods  to store. Many experts recommend a rotating food inventory consisting of  foods you like and would use in your daily meal preparation. That way, you  won’t spend a fortune for dehydrated food you may never need or use.

Good candidates in this category include grains, cereals, canned  vegetables and fruits, canned tuna, soups and dry soup mixes. All of these  are everyday foods that have long shelf lives and don’t require lots of  energy to prepare. All are good options for an “emergency supply.”

Items historically lacking from preppers’ pantries, however, are  tasty, high-quality and long-lasting sources of protein. For example, most  long-life beef is generally dried or in the form of jerky, not an item most  families use in preparing meals. Now, a Minneapolis  company has pioneered putting precooked, ground beef in cans.

The beef has a five-year shelf life without refrigeration and is sold  under the brand name “Camp    Traditions.” It  was originally designed for campers, hunters, RV owners and outdoor  enthusiasts.

Since it only needs to be heated up, you can use it for everyday cooking,  and, in the event of an emergency, it’s ready to go. The canned ground  beef is more versatile and more familiar to consumers than dehydrated meat,  which makes it ideal for folks who use the rotation method of food storage.

Developed by North Aire Market, the beef is available by the case or in “Be  Ready Packs,” which include the canned ground beef and dried soups for  more than 100 servings.

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