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BBQ Etiquette

Holtville, California (NAPSI) - When grilling season is here, you can help ensure everyone has a  great time with these tips on barbecue etiquette.

Reserve, Please

Although cookouts are usually casual events, the host still has to plan in  advance to provide enough food and beverages for everyone. Just as with any  other event, reserve in advance and be sure to let the host know if you’re  bringing additional guests.

Bring More Than Your Appetite

As a general rule for barbecues, offer to bring beverages, salads,  desserts or other items that can be shared with other guests. If the host  insists that he or she has everything needed for the event, at least bring a  gift for the host. A barbecue-themed gift like a specialty hot sauce or  private-label jam or something else you know the host collects will make a  thoughtful gift.

Grill Master Is King (or Queen)

As a guest to a barbecue, it’s best not to provide any unsolicited advice  to the designated grill master. Questions may be welcome, but avoid telling  the grill master how to do the job. Stick to your task at hand, which is  enjoying the delicious food being prepared and served.

Keep It Clean

Most chefs love to hear that their food is finger-licking good but most  don’t want to see this literally. When it comes to chicken and ribs, you can  get into a sticky situation with a hands-on experience. Use napkins (wet or  dry) to wipe your hands respectfully in front of others. It may be tempting  to lick your fingers but remember to mind your manners.

Keep your pearly whites clean by discreetly using toothpicks to clear your  teeth of meat, corn kernels, and other food particles that tend to linger. No  one really likes being caught with food in his or her teeth. Better yet,  bring floss and politely excuse yourself for a restroom break after the meal.  

Getting Saucy

Be mindful of how much sauce you apply to your food, particularly to  burgers. Well-prepared burgers will already be juicy, so avoid extra spillage  by not overloading on ketchup, mustard or sauces, which tend to fall out of  burgers if applied too liberally and may land on another guest. If you prefer  your food extra saucy, just be sure to keep extra napkins handy.

Rain Delay

If the weather turns sour, you can always move the party indoors or over  to a casual neighborhood restaurant. If you want the party without the fuss,  many restaurants, including Ryan’s®, HomeTown® Buffet as well as Old Country  Buffet®, let you bring in some decorations to personalize a special function  space so you can enjoy a barbecue with steak, ribs and chicken and absolutely  none of the mess.

As a bonus, these popular buffets keep plenty of wet napkins on hand.

“Families love our barbecue offerings because they can enjoy all of their  favorites without the mess that comes with grilling at home,” said Alice  Crowder, Vice President of Marketing for Buffets, Inc. “The beauty of hosting  a barbecue party at our restaurants is that you get to spend all your time  enjoying your guests and not laboring over a hot grill.”

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