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Buyer Beware: Unsafe Used Tires For Sale

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Whenever you hit the road, it’s your car’s tires  that hit it first, so it’s important they be in good shape.

The Problem

Unfortunately, bald, damaged, unsafe used tires are available for sale in  every state. New tires must meet stringent federal safety standards to be  sold in the U.S.  In fact, U.S.  tire testing standards are the toughest in the world. Worn-out tires that have  been removed from service can be resold as “used,” however, with  virtually no restrictions.

A Solution

The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), the national trade  organization for tire manufacturers, suggests there should be a law against  that.

“We are working to educate policymakers and consumers about the  dangers of unsafe used tires and will advocate state laws to prohibit the  sale of used tires with conditions that pose a significant motorist safety  risk,” said Dan Zielinski, RMA senior vice president. “Consumers  may think used tires are a bargain, but saving a few dollars isn’t  worth the risk if your choice includes a worn-out or damaged tire.”

To demonstrate the problem, RMA and its members purchased several examples  of unsafe used tires from used-tire stores. Each tire exhibited one or more  conditions that are clearly unsafe: worn-out, visible damage to the tread or  other portions of a tire, or being improperly repaired.

What To Watch Out For

Tires worn to 232 of an inch are considered bald and are dangerous. Such  tires no longer provide sufficient grip on the road, particularly under wet  conditions. Tires with damage exposing steel belts or other internal  components threaten a tire’s structural integrity. Improperly repaired  tires can suffer loss of inflation pressure or have hidden damage that may  contribute to tire failure.

“Any used tire is a risky proposition since it’s impossible to  know the service history of a tire used by someone else,” Zielinski  advised.

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