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Push Pull Technology Opens The Door

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Here’s news of an innovation many Americans will want  to get their hands on: better door knobs.

Since the U.S.  patent for the door knob was awarded in 1878, Americans have rotated door  handles trillions of times. Now, an advancement in door handle technology  makes opening any door as easy as pushing or pulling a knob or lever.

No Turning Back Now

You can open the door even when your hands are full, using new Push Pull  Rotate knobs and levers from Brinks Home Security. With an elbow, a hip or  even a single finger, you can push or pull open doors without having to set  down your groceries, your toddler or your mobile phone. On a patio door, it  makes carrying food in and out a breeze. On an infant’s room door, it  can mean putting baby to bed without jostling him or her awake. Even if your  hands aren’t full, it’s just an easier way to get through a door.

“There’s no mechanical reason that a door knob has to turn  open—it’s just the way we have always done it. These new Push  Pull Rotate handles allow you to open a door three ways, so if your hands are  greasy from the garage or covered in barbecue sauce, you don’t have to  worry about getting the door open,” said Julie Ernest of Hampton  Products, creators of the product.

Even though pushing or pulling on a door is new, the classic architectural  design of these interior and exterior handles can complement any modern or  traditional home, with finishes available in satin nickel, polished brass and  Tuscan bronze.

Changing It Up

Replacing door handles is one of the simple projects homeowners can  undertake to add convenience and refresh the look of their homes. Whether it’s  installing privacy locks on a master bedroom or even replacing the exterior  lock and dead bolt on a front door, all locks can be installed using only a  Phillips screwdriver.

Security features found in Push Pull Rotate entry locks include pick, bump  and drill resistance and anti-pry shields. These door handles are available  at Lowe’s and, and can be easily rekeyed right in the store  to match your existing house key.

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