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Sunglasses That Helped Define The Style Of The ‘60s Are Back

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - When it comes to the “Swingin’ ‘60s,”   few objects are as iconic as sunglasses.

Recently, the brand that helped define the style of the era, as well as  the ‘70s and ‘80s—Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses—has  returned to the U.S.  

While looking good in sunglasses may not be that difficult, seeing clearly  when looking through a pair of sunglasses can be another matter.

That’s because not all sunglasses can reduce the glare when sunlight  reflects off of surfaces such as water, snow or glass.

Glare makes it difficult to see clearly because the light hurts the eye  and obscures details that may be hidden behind it. Polarized sunglasses are  designed to filter out some or all of the glare, allowing the wearer to see  with comfort and without potential eyestrain.

To better understand why the new glare-free collection from the innovator  of polarized lens technology has quickly become a hot seller, Eden Wexler,  trend expert for the SOLSTICE Sunglasses retail chain, offered some brand  insight on the glasses and the brand.

“While many are very familiar with the Polaroid instamatic camera,  which was introduced in 1948, few are familiar with the fact that its  inventor, Dr. Edwin Land, developed the technology for polarized lenses  almost 10 years prior and began selling the first commercially sold polarized  sunglasses in 1937 when he formed the Polaroid Corporation,” said  Wexler.

“Polaroid Sunglasses have a rich and iconic history, and today, it  is one of the top four global sunglass brands in Europe,  selling over 4 million pairs of polarized sunglasses in over 80 countries,”   Wexler added. The new line, which features Polaroid UltraSight lenses, ranges  from $60−$98, with a higher-end Polaroid Plus line at $140.

Other interesting fun facts about the brand:

• Dr. Edwin Land created the name for the company and polarized  lenses from the words “Polarizing Celluloid” to emphasize the  company’s focus on polarized lens technology and sunglasses.

• Land is also credited with developing the first 3-D movie glasses  in 1939 and goggles for the U.S. Air Force in the ‘40s worn by the  likes of Gen. Patton. In 1950, Polaroid Eyewear introduced their Cool Ray  sunglass generation, the best sunglasses yet, made to protect people from  reflected glare.

• In the 1960s, the sunglasses were launched in Europe  and became available globally in 45 countries. The company also offered a  variety of unique Windsor  rimmed sunglass models, which they followed in the 1970s with their famous  aviator-style glasses.

• The year 2012 marked the brand’s 75th year as a  leader in polarized lens technology and saw it become part of Safilo Group—the  second-largest eyewear manufacturer in the world.

• This year marks Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses’ return to the   U.S.  at and better department stores such as Bloomingdale’s,  Lord & Taylor and Dillard’s.

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