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Water Testing Helps Ensure Better Water For Homeowners

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Homeowners use water for many purposes, including drinking,  cooking, washing, heating, humidifying, flushing (the No. 1 use of water in a  home) and their pets.

Those are just a few reasons homeowners should make  sure they understand what’s in their water.

Although water may look clean, there are many things that affect its  quality:

• There are naturally occurring substances, such as dissolved  limestone, which can lead to water hardness.

• Chemicals like chlorine are added at the local water treatment  plant.

• Impurities like arsenic or lead may be found in private wells or  in older pipes.

Fortunately, a local water expert, like the Culligan  Man, can perform a simple in-home water test for homeowners to find out what’s  in their water and make recommendations for improvement based on those  findings.

Recognizing a water problem

Water enters a home through four primary sources—private and  municipal surface water; and private and municipal wells.

Sometimes that water doesn’t seem as good as it could be. It could  have an unpleasant smell or look, or simply not taste as good as bottled  water. In addition, dishes and laundry might be spotted or stained and there  might be scale buildup on the shower door or pipes.

Substances such as iron, dissolved minerals, lead, nitrates and sulfates  could cause those problems with the water. Some of those substances occur  naturally, while others can come from farm runoff or industrial pollution.  But more important, while some can be seen, smelled or tasted, others are  invisible.

That’s why having water tested by a local water expert like the Culligan Man is so important for homeowners. He is fully  knowledgeable on local water supplies, and uniquely suited to diagnose a  water problem. The first step is a portable in-home test for hardness, iron,  copper, pH and alkalinity.

If the results suggest a substantial problem, a sample can be sent to the  company’s water laboratory, which is accredited by the National  Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) and the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It uses specially calibrated machinery  to test for bacteria, dissolved solids, and more than 100 substances.

The Culligan Man will then share the results  with the homeowner and recommend the best course of action to correct the  problem, like a whole-house water filtration system or a water softener.

Learn more

From a tall, cool glass on a hot day, to better-tasting coffee, to rinsing  vegetables for a big meal, water is essential to the health of every  household. The Culligan Man can answer any  questions about home water quality and safety, and facilitate tests—even  if a homeowner doesn’t suspect a problem.

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