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Calexico City Council meeting

(The Calexico City Council holds an unusual meeting)….The meeting was Tuesday evening, and only had one item on the agenda.

That, in itself, is not that unusual. The item was. It was to discuss the sexual discrimination complaint filed by Mayor Maritza Hurtado against three other city council members. The discussion was scheduled for closed session. There was a problem. Attorney Lisa Foster, sitting in for the City Attorney, the problem was a conflict. Four out of the five council members were connected to the issue. Foster said the legal way around that was to draw lots to form a quorum to discuss the issue with Councilman John Moreno, the only council member not connected with the complaint. After some wrangling, the drawing was held, and it was decided Council members Luis Castro and Joong Kim would meet with Moreno. When they emerged from closed session it was revealed they had agreed legal representation would be provided the city and those named in the complaint. Moreno said, to save outrageous legal fees, he would serve as a kind of mediator between all involved, and try to settle the issue.