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Supervisors contribute to the Salton Sea Authority

(Supervisors agree to an increased contribution)….Last year the County contributed $60,000 to the Salton Sea Authority.

This year the SSA asked for more than twice as much. The County is a member of the Authority, as is the Imperial Irrigation District, Coachella Valley Water District, Riverside County, the Torres/Martinez Native American Tribe and others. Before agreeing to the $150,000 requested this year, District 3 Supervisor Mike Kelley wanted to know how the money was going to be spent. He was told most of the funds would be used as matching funds in order to receive larger amounts. Funding mechanisms have been found with the Army Corps of Engineers. Funds obtained from them need to be requested months in advance, and a percentage of matching funds are required. The request process is already underway. The Army Corps projects will be incremental towards the restoration of the Sea. The Board approved the request unanimously.