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Saturday, 09 April 2011 07:07

Imperial, California (NAPSI)—Professional athletes often recognize the value of chiropractic care—some, however, really appreciate it. For example, Dr. Ed Rodgers—father of championship Green Bay Packers’ winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers-became a chiropractor after he himself was treated by one when injured playing college football.

“The structure of the human body, especially the spine and its relationship to function, can be impacted by the physical nature of accidents, falls, poor posture and injuries,” says Dr. Rodgers. “That’s why chiropractic care is so valuable for many health problems.”

He points out that every NFL football team and the majority of college and high school athletic programs have a doctor of chiropractic available to treat their players. Athletes from all sports credit chiropractic care for their ability to recover from neck, back and other joint injuries, and play their games at a high level.

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