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Equitable Distribution Plan Pilot Program extended

(IID Board extends the 2013 Equitable Distribution Plan Pilot Program)….The Pilot Program had been approved through August.

Tuesday the Board of Directors agreed to extend the Pilot Program until the end of the Year, December 31. They said this will give staff and water users more time to further work together and identify what works and what needs to be changed. The Program was extended with the following parameters. Waiver of the take-or-pay obligation, such that no water user will be charged a remaining balance for unused water at the end of the year. Credit for water paid for and transferred through the Agricultural Water Clearinghouse and not used by the end of the year, and Limitation to the apportionment amount and any water obtained through the clearinghouse by December 16, if IID is shown by the Bureau of Reclamation as having excess to estimated use, or underrun, of less than 50,000 acre-feet as of November 30, and no limitation of the IID has an underrun of more than 50,000 acre-feet. Notices will be sent to all agricultural water users identifying the approved parameters for the remainder of the Pilot Program.