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Would Holtville want to annex?

(Supervisors hold special meeting)….The meeting was to discuss a possible sewer rate increase.

The increase was proposed for the members of the Country Club Sewer Maintenance District. The County took over the District after the City of Holtville said they did not want to maintain the sewer system years ago. Public Works Director William Brunet made a presentation to the Board Tuesday. He said the system needed repairs, at a cost of about $1.7 million. He said not only did they need to make upgrades to the system, but needed to pay ongoing operation and maintenance, and there was an outstanding debt of over $400,000. Brunet said grants were discussed, but the Barbara Worth Resort community did not qualify because the community was not low income. He said a loan was the only option. But, Brunet said, in order to pay the loan back, they would need to increase the sewer rates for the residents. Kevin Smith with the Barbara Worth Resort said the residents would not go for a rate increase. He offered another option. Annexation. He said if the area was annexed into Holtville, the average income for the city would qualify as low income, and grants would be available. It was agreed a special meeting with residents, county officials, Holtville officials, a LAFCO representative and others would be held at the Barbara Worth resort to discuss annexation. They will report back to the Supervisors October 22nd.