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Supervisors to hold several Public Hearings

(County Board of Supervisors meet Tuesday)….The meeting could be a long one.

The Board has only one action item on their agenda. But, they have three public hearings scheduled. The action item is a presentation by Ted Schade, the Air Pollution Control Officer for the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District in the Owens Valley. His presentation will be on the possible air quality impacts resulting from the shrinking levels at the Salton Sea. The first public hearing starting at 9:45 am, will be on the proposed Conflict of Interest Code for the Imperial Valley Resource Management Agency. The second hearing will be to consider establishing the fiscal year 2013-2014 unit fee for the Niland County Service Area. The final Public Hearing will be to consider several actions concerning California Ethanol and Power Project. The Supervisors convene their Tuesday meeting at 8:30 am.