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Perez pushes to have Salton Sea mitigation included in New Water Bond

(Salton Sea funds should be included in New Water Bond)…That is what Assemblyman Manuel Perez is pushing for.

Perez reminded a state committee of the state’s obligation under the Quantification Settlement Agreement. In 2003, the state promised to covered mitigation fees for the Salton Sea after a threshold was met by other stakeholders in the QSA. During a recent hearing in Sacramento, the Assemblyman argued that the new water bond framework must ensure the State of California can meet its existing obligations related to the Salton Sea and other water settlements of statewide relevance. Perez told the hearing that in planning for the new water bond, it is important that the focus remain on meeting California’s long term water needs and effectively managing our resources for the future, therefore, they cannot overlook existing commitments made by the state related to Salton Sea mitigation, and they must build these obligations into the bond so that they can be fulfilled. The State legislature has held hearings and group meetings to inform the development of the 2014 water bond. Perez spoke at the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife.