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QSA litigation may not be over, yet

(QSA decision discussed)…The Imperial Irrigation District Board discussed it in open session.

The County Board of Supervisors discussed it in closed session. Joanna Smith, IID Assistant Legal Counsel, updated the IID Board on the decision of Sacramento Superior Court Judge Connelly. That decision was to approve the validation of the Quantification Settlement Agreement. The decision was announced in late July. Smith said that was not all the Judge ruled on. She said he also denied the petitions filed against CEQA, the environmental process for the QSA, among other things. Smith said the final statement of decision has been released, and it is just a longer version of the original decision. Director Steve Benson expressed relief the litigation was now behind the District. That, however, may not be the case. Attorney for the County, Michael Rood said the Board of Supervisors would be filing an appeal of Judge Connelly’s ruling. Rood made his comment before going into to closed session with the Supervisors Tuesday to discuss the court action. He was responding to a question about the possibility of an appeal. Rood said he would have more details after the closed session.