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Controversy at tonight's Calexico City Council meeting

(More controversy with the Calexico City Council)…It surrounds an item on the Tuesday evening agenda.

Council members Luis Castro and Joong Kim placed the item on the agenda. The item calls for the Mayor rotation be changed to July, in essence, removing the current Mayor Maritza Hurtado from the position. Castro has said the reasoning is to have a new Mayor at the beginning of a new fiscal year. Hurtado feels it may be retaliation against her for filing a complaint against 3 of the current council members. The complaint was filed against Castro, Kim and Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Hodge. Castro says the purpose of the request is to have the new Mayor take over along with a new City Budget. The Council had recently agreed to rotate Mayors in December, following the November election, similar to most other communities in the County. The City Council meeting begins at 6:30 Tuesday evening at the Calexico City Hall on Heber Avenue.