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Preliminary decision could cost the County

(Imperial County may have to pay attorney fees)….That was the ruling in a preliminary decision.

Judge Kevin Culhane of the Superior Court in Sacramento made the preliminary decision this week. The decision was made on the requests for attorney fees in the validation hearing concerning the Quantification Settlement Agreement. Imperial County, the Air Pollution Control District, Morgan/Holtz parties and others had contested the validation of the QSA. Judged decided the agreement was valid. Following that decision several stakeholder filed to collect attorney fees. In his Preliminary decision, Judge Culhane said the San Diego County Water Authority could collect $96,734.70 from Imperial County and the Air Pollution Control District. The Judge said Morgan/Holtz Parties were not entitled to the almost $53 million claim they had filed. Other smaller awards were also approved in favor of SDCWA, Metropolitan Water District and other stakeholders in the QSA Coordinated Cases. Nobody wants to officially comment until the decision becomes final.