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Local Assemblyman Bills move on to the Senate

(Several Perez Bills make it through the Assembly)…Hundreds of Bills made it out of the respective Houses this week.

Imperial Counties representative, Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez had many of his bills move out of the Assembly. One those was the Salton Sea Dust Mitigation Bill. AB 147 compels state action related to Salton Sea dust mitigation. The Bill directs the California Air Resources Board, as the state’s air quality expert, to evaluate the air quality mitigation planning completed to date by local water agencies to ensure it is adequate to mitigate the dust emissions from the Salton Sea resulting from the implementation of the Quantification Settlement Agreement. The Bill would require CARB to develop and make recommendations for how to complete that work. Perez says his Bill ensures the state is involved in planning and responding to the significant air quality impacts that will result from the reduced water flow into the Salton Sea. AB 147 now moves onto the Senate. Other Perez Bills moving out of the Assembly this week deal with Clean drinking water, green workforce, underground economy, hazardous waste siting, Mobile Home Park Loans, safe routes to school and others. They, too, move onto to the Senate.